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Free sex stories Threesome A Great Welcome Home

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Threesome A Great Welcome Home, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. Damn it, my husband just called to say he'd be late coming home from work. I'm so horny and I wanted him to come home and satisfy my needs, I'd been thinking naughty things about him all day. Thoughts of him fucking me filled my mind and I couldn't wait any longer. Right there in the living room I took my robe off and starting rubbing my thighs... imagining that my hands were his hands. I worked my way up to my clit in slow, wet circles so warm the sensation was amazing. I was playing with myself for so long I was on the verge of coming.

My heart was pounding so hard I didn't hear the door open. I couldn't take it anymore. I started rubbing even harder, and I felt so wet I couldn't think of anything else. I started coming hard, hot cum poured out of me and I screamed with pleasure. I opened my eyes for a moment to see my gorgeous husband standing with another handsome man in the doorway. I was so embarrassed but I couldn't stop coming; it felt too good. The men just stood there watching me have an amazingly hot orgasm. Finally it subsided and I had no idea what to do with the two men, both supporting huge erections.

My husband walked slowly towards me. I started to apologize but before I could finish, he was licking my clit. He started with a flat tongue, moving slowly, then he focused on my clit. It felt too good for me to stop him even though I knew his friend was still in the room. I managed to look over to see his friend (Jim as I later found out) jerking himself off nearby. I motioned for him to come over and I replaced his hand with my mouth. My husband Kyle was devouring my clit and as I took Jim into my mouth, I started to come hard. I squirted into my husband’s mouth and he lapped it up eagerly. I moaned loudly onto Jim’s cock just as he couldn't hold it any more and exploded into my mouth.

I could tell my husband was dying to come, so I shoved him down on the couch and sat on his cock so that he could play with my ass and Jim could play with me. Jim bent down between my and my husband’s legs and began licking. I bounced up and down on my husband while Jim licked both my clit and my husband’s cock. My orgasm came on so suddenly I screamed loudly as I came into Jim’s mouth. It was more than he could contain and I spilled hot cum all over my husband’s cock. He cried that he was about to come, so I quickly hopped off and sucked him off until he jerked into my mouth.

I don't know how, but I was still horny. My husband was pretty spent, so I jumped on Jim’s cock and rode him as hard as I could. He came quickly and vigorously. I went up to his face and sat over his tongue. He flicked my clit as his own cum and my husband’s flowed into his mouth. I started to grind my hips onto his face more and more until I started to orgasm again. I came hard in his mouth while looking into my husband’s eyes. Finally spent, I lay down on the couch. Jim got dressed and left and my husband lay down next to me. “By the way,” he said, “that was Jim.” Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Threesome A Great Welcome Home and happy exciting.
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Free sex stories Threesome A Helping Hand

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Threesome A Helping Hand, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. “But babe, I had a surprise all ready for you,” she said with hint of disappointment in her voice.

It was 22.30, half an hour before I finished work. My girlfriend had sent me text messages all day on how she had a surprise for me when I got home. But I had some bad news for her. “I know baby girl but she has nowhere to go, her dad threw her out and it’s only a bed for the night,” I explained to her what had happened to Hayley.

Hayley was a very, very pretty young girl. She was very short, had jet black died hair, a very pretty face and a very yummy looking 34B chest, and a very lovely round ass. She had worked for me since she was 16; she was now 18. I had always liked her, and my girlfriend had liked her. They have met a few times at staff parties, Christmas parties and so on.
“You owe me though, you know that don’t you?” she said.
“I know, but I can’t just let her stay on the streets can I?”

“I'll get the spare room ready then.”

“Thanks babe. I owe you a big one,” I said in the sexiest voice I could.
“Damn right you do. Love you.”

“Love you too babe,” I said hanging up.


As we pulled up to my house I could see that the petite and sexy Hayley was nervous. I led to her to the front door, unlocked it and showed her in. Tessa had the spare room ready, she showed Hayley into the room and offered her something to eat and drink. Hayley refused kindly and said she just wanted to sleep.

“Well help yourself if you do, and you know where we are if you need anything,” I said smiling at her. I followed Tessa into our bedroom, got undressed, my cock semi hard from seeing Tessa undress. She was gorgeous- a short bob of brown highlighted hair, a very pretty face, tits the size of footballs, a flat toned stomach and legs that didn’t end. The fact that Hayley was in the other room about 10 ft away from me got me going as well. I had always dreamt and thought about fucking Hayley, she was so shy and sexy but being the loyal and trustworthy man I was, I hadn't acted on it. I cuddled up to Tessa pushing my semi hard cock into her legs, giving her the message that I wanted to fuck, but she was having none of it.
“Hayley is in the other room you sick perv,” she said.

I just giggled and ignored her and started to explore her body with my hands. I could tell she had just had a bath because she smelled amazing and her skin was as soft as silk. As I brushed my hands over her tits she moaned quietly. I knew then that she was in the same mood as me. As I kneaded her tits and teased her hardening nipples I began to kiss her neck and back, my cock now getting harder it prodded her sweet ass cheeks. I had always wanted to fuck her sexy ass but she had always told me I was sick. I could tell she was getting more turned on because she always rotated her hips when horny and she was doing just that.

Taking her hint I kept one hand on her tits, switching between the left and the right, and with the other one I traced it down her tense and toned stomach until I hit the jackpot. Tessa's pussy was soaking. I gently pushed my finger into my sexy girlfriend’s wet pussy. Sliding one finger in at first then another as it became more and more moist. She moaned, forgetting Hayley was in the other room. Tessa then took control as she always did.
“Get on your back,” she ordered me.

I rolled onto my back, flung the covers onto the floor and got comfortable. She turned on her side and placed her hand straight onto my rock hard cock and pulled my foreskin as far down as it went. She started to toss me off, she was very good at it, pulling my skin up and down, slowly at first and then faster and faster until I was panting and ready to explode. She turned her head from looking at my throbbing cock to looking me in the eyes.
“You would have loved your surprise you know.”

She turned her attention back to my hard cock. I lay back, eyes shut and loving every minute. She pulled my foreskin all the way down again and leaned her head forward. I could feel her breath on my sensitive head and then she took it in her mouth. She didn’t waste any time at all and took my long hard cock all the way in her mouth. I could feel my head on her throat. Up and down, her head went, her tongue licking my head every time she pulled me out of her throat. I could feel myself about to come, and so could she. She took me deep in her mouth and placed one hand on my balls and squeezed them. I came instantly. My hips pushing forward, my throbbing twitching cock being pushed deep into her mouth. My come hitting the back of her mouth, I could feel her swallowing all of it. She squeezed my balls some more to make sure I had nothing left. My cock started to go limp, my balls dropped and I was shattered from the intensity of my climax.

“Don't move a muscle and keep your eyes closed babe,” Tessa said. Who was I to disobey the girl who just swallowed all my come? I then felt a slightly different touch to Tessa's. I lay there doing as I was told, enjoying this unusual but very nice feeling, wondering what was so different. I opened my eyes and looked down.

“Oh my god!” I shouted as I saw Hayley and Tessa playing with my hardening cock.

“Surprise!” they both chanted, as they looked up from my semi hard sticky cock. It immediately sprung back to life. They both had a hand on my cock, wanking me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. Both of them naked, both of them sexy as hell, and both of them playing with my hard cock. As if it couldn’t get any better they started to kiss. This was no little peck on the cheek. This was a full blown passionate kiss, the type of kiss you give your girlfriend. Their soft lips pushed together, noses rubbing as they swapped from side to side. They separated slightly to show me their tongues playing with each other’s.

“Mmm, your cum tastes so good,” Hayley said in her quiet and shy voice, turning to look at me.

“It does, doesn’t it?” Tessa replied. “Do you want to taste the real thing Hayley?” She smiled sexily at me and then took Hayley’s head in her hand, pushing it to my cock.

Hayley didn’t hesitate and opened her mouth, taking it all in. It felt so amazing. It felt better than when Tessa did it. Sucking on my head, but not too hard, her mouth felt like a small virgin pussy, so tight, so close, so wet and warm. I pushed my hips up to get more of my cock in her mouth. I started to fuck her face hard and fast, as Tessa held her head down.

“I’m gonna come.... oh my god... yes,” I moaned and thrust forward into Hayley’s mouth. Tessa pulled her hands away but Hayley stayed where she was and sucked and stroked my cock, milking my cock of all my come. She pulled her head away from my limp cock and turned to Tessa.

“Mmmm, it tastes lovely Tessa,” she giggled and leaned in to kiss her. They embraced in another passionate kiss.

I lay on the bed tired out from cumming twice in quick succession, watching them explore each other’s bodies with their hands. Tessa cupped Hayley’s small pert tits, and gently squeezed her rock hard nipples. Hayley let out a sigh of pleasure. She ran her hands over Tessa's back and down to her naked round ass, cupping it like Tessa was her tits, mirroring her actions. Tessa then slid her hand down Hayley’s stomach and over her mound and easily slid a finger inside her. I could tell from Hayley’s expression that she liked that a lot. Tessa took hold of Hayley’s hand and put it on her own hairless pussy, Hayley slid a finger inside Tessa's wet pussy hole. I could hear the squishing of their juices on their fingers. Both sliding more fingers into each other’s soaking pussies. Finger fucking each other hard and fast.

I watched the live porn sex show eagerly, my heart pounding hard, my cock growing bigger and harder once again. I was ready to cum for the third time. I managed to squeeze myself from between them, not taking my eyes off of the girls. I knelt behind Tessa and tried to bend her over slightly but she fought against me and motioned me to go behind the helpless Hayley. I did as I was told and knelt behind Hayley. I pushed her head forward so it nestled level with my girlfriend’s huge tits. Tessa pulled her fingers from Hayley’s soaking wet pussy and put it in her mouth and sucked it dry.

“Yummy,” she said. She then pulled Hayley’s finger out of her own wet pussy and put it inside Hayley’s mouth, making her taste her juices. Before Hayley could say anything Tessa gave me a nod.

I pushed my rock hard cock inside Hayley’s tight wet pussy- it slid in so easily. Tessa grabbed her head and forced her tit in her mouth to stop her from moaning. Her pussy opened up and moulded itself round my cock. When it did, I didn’t last very long.

I fucked our guest hard. Tessa played with her own clit and fingered her pussy while Hayley sucked on her big hard nipples. Tessa could tell I was about to come so she started blowing kisses at me. I stared down at my cock sliding in and out of Hayley’s pussy from behind, her ass looked so yummy. And then that was it, I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy and shot my load all over her sexy ass. Tessa made herself cum at the same time.
We all lay on the bed, tired and sweaty from our little episode.

“Good night Tessa.” I kissed her on the lips. “Good night Hayley.” I kissed her on the lips too.

“Good night,” they both said together and giggled. “Just wait for your real surprise.”
I couldn’t sleep, my cock was hard all night waiting for my real surprise. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Threesome A Helping Hand and happy exciting.
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Free sex stories Threesome A Couple's Hospitality I Couldn't Pass Up

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Threesome A Couple's Hospitality I Couldn't Pass Up, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. My imagination hadn’t prepared me for his alluring dimpled smile, sultry voice, and masterful flirtation. I was led into a room of exploration and fun. When I opened the door my eyes focused on his rare masculine form. The voluptuous long haired blonde diving hungrily at his cock. Up and down with vengeance satisfying her oral desires. My immediate attention focused on her mouth thoroughly enjoying all of your manhood. I kneeled down in front to experience the same oral fixation she was indulgent on. Our tongues rolling across his cock barely touching one another. She was eager to let me enjoy the smooth lines of his cock as my mouth was soulfully there to fuck. His cock merging in and out of my mouth with smooth acceleration. Our bodies touching, tasting, desiring one another. We moved rhythmically with one another. Every part of my skin aching to be consumed. My silk nightie falling silently down below my shoulders exposing my breasts and perky nipples. The voluptuous blonde rubbing her fingertips over my nipples as her mouth soon followed.

I felt his hands upon my legs opening them to my most vulnerable possession. He met me with one nibble of my clit as I was quickly, desirably his. He teased and taunted and took over my clit. My body completely at both of their wills. Feeling a second pair of hands traveling down my body my emotions and body were on a roller coaster high. Feeling a second mouth touching me, teasing me and taking me to higher heights. Her fingers teasing me as I felt the tips of her nails. It was so hot.

She whispered, “Am I hurting you?” But my wetness told a different story. The attention was then taken back on the blonde. She laid beside me and my hands guided and teased across her body. My mouth covered her nipples as I sucked one and he was sucking the other. It was almost rhythmical as my hand slipped between her legs. I found her clit and teased it with my fingertips… back and forth I soon moved between her legs… spreading her pussy. I soon found her love tunnel and slid my index finger inside. Working it back and forth teasing her as my thumb circled around her clit. She was moaning louder and it was exciting me to no end. My fingers moving faster and faster. I could feel him behind me playing with my ass, torturing me with his tongue. Leaning in to her pussy I blew on it as I finger fucked her until I couldn’t stand it anymore and then backed away so he could have his way with her and I could watch every explicit detail.

He soon found his way between her legs and buried his face between her thighs. Feasting on her my eyes couldn’t look away as I watched him nibbling and sucking all of her over and over again. He then sat up on the bed and entered her in a quick swift motion. I watched and listened to her moaning as he motioned himself in and out picking up the pace as she grabbed her ankles pushing him further inside of her. I was touching myself in my mind… consumed by everything I was watching… the pure rawness in both their faces. He pounded her and her face and body loved every minute. Then he had her on her belly and took her from behind.

My hand reached underneath her as I found her clit again as he was slamming in and out of her. I then took a candle and as he fucked her from behind poured it all over her back, watching her body jump as the warm wax touched her, seeing it trail down her back. I moved back to my spot and continued watching them… my body warm all over as they enjoyed every inch of each other. Sitting there watching them not making a peep. My body begging for me to touch it.

When they were finished they came back in front of me. We both leaned over and I took him back again in my mouth as her mouth covered his balls, feeling every hard thrusting inch invading my mouth hard and fast. Hands roaming everywhere, it was a garden of lust. I found myself back on the bed, my nipples teased unmercifully as he took charge of them biting them, enticing them until they were hard as a rock. Then I closed my eyes and felt the hot wax dripping down on them. It was so hot… he spread my legs again and took me forcefully with his mouth, his hands gripping my thighs on the edge of the bed… my body aching from the pure sensations. I tried sliding up a little and he quickly let me know he was in charge as he grabbed my thighs and held me for his entree. I could hear her feasting again on his cock. Warm sensation after warm sensation filled my body as I shook from the raw enjoyment. He then stood in front of her and me and took two of his fingers, sucking on them quickly and burying them again against my clit. Taking his other hand he sucked his other 2 fingers and found her happy place as well. There we stood as he had us at his fingertips, biting, kissing, touching, feeling every unadulterated passion. My legs grew weak and I leaned over and asked to ride him. He agreed with a smile. He lay on the bed, his body glistened like a perfect sculpture as I mounted him. Taking the head of it I slid it into me enjoying every sweet hard inch as it was buried inside of me. Moving my hips back and forth I felt him tense up and explode like a rocket as my body tensed up and I came with him. Teasing him as he lay there feeling his cock go soft after what seemed an eternity. It was definitely a night to remember. Shortly after I lay in the other bed pretending to fall asleep and I heard the two of them in the bed playing and teasing again. I was peeking until I decided to let them finish this one on their own without an audience. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Threesome A Couple's Hospitality I Couldn't Pass Up and happy exciting.
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Free sex stories Threesome The Unexpected

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Threesome The Unexpected, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. His hands slowly made their way over the curves of her body. The smell of orange blossoms filled the air. The moon was full and shines with every flicker of the stars in the night sky. The pool was aglow with the light of over fifty tiny tea lights floating gently by. His hands cupped her breast, as he leaned in and kissed her luscious pink lips. Her eyes shone bright with the reflection of the tiny candles. She held his neck tightly, snuggling in close to his body, feeling his hardness below the depths in the darkness of the water. Swallowing hard and breathing in deeply he pushed his tongue further into her mouth, while softly stroking her smooth curvaceous hips. She let go of his neck and slid down below the steam into the water. He felt the warmth of her lips as she took his member into her mouth. She came up for air and he grabbed her by the waist, taking her breast into his mouth, gently flicking his tongue over her nipple. They looked deep into each others eyes, the moment was electric as their passion exploded forth in a tumult of groping fingers. She pulled free and swam to the edge of the pool, her silhouette showing in the moonlight as she walked up the stairs and out onto the patio.

For a moment her heart stopped, as she watched his beautiful hard body stride forth from the pool. He shook his head, splashing her with the water. She giggled and held out her arms to him. Walking to her, he put his hands on her shoulders and felt her trembling. Pulling her close, he warmed her with his body. Breathing deeply, he probed her mouth.She gently stroked at his erect penis. With lustful abandon, she let her body fall limp into his arms, as he gently lifted her off her feet and carried her into their bedroom.

The room was adorned with antique oil lamps and the bed draped with flowing gold and red silk scarves and red rose petals. Laying her body gently onto the bed, he joined her, tying her wrist gently with a gold scarf to the mahogany bed post. Her right hand bound, he tied the left and carefully placed a red scarf over her eyes. She felt his breath and his mouth envelopes her nipple, causing her to gasp. Water dripping from his wet hair sliddown her supple breast and sent a shiver down her spine. Her mouth opened, as his hand starts to caress her womanhood. Each stroke of his hand became harder, as he slid his finger along her clit, rubbing it gently while still sucking her right nipple. As he stroked her, she felt another pair of hands, one wiping the water from her hair and one massaging her breast. She might have easily seen through the scarf, but she kept her eyes closed, wanting the full pleasure of the night to unfold, feeling the warmth of lips next to her own, and the slight pain of her left nipple being taunted. They had often joked about having a threesome, he wanting another woman and she wanting another man to share their bed. Now, he had surprised her for Valentine’s Day, with one of her fantasies. She still had no clue of the gender of the person now massaging her breast.

***** Keith & Wyatt

“Shit, what did I miss?” said Keith.

“Close the fucking door, the light man, they will see us,” said Wyatt.

Walking over to the window, “Do you think they really care who is watching? They get off on that dude, that’s why they never close the fucking curtains,” said Keith while handing Wyatt a bag of steaming hot microwave popcorn and a can of cola.

“Why aren’t you with your ‘girlfriend’?” Wyatt said sarcastically.

“Leave Trudy out of this. Shut up and let me look through the telescope,” said Keith, grabbing the eye piece and peering into the bedroom of their lusty neighbors.

“Damn, that guy is hung.”

Wyatt opened up the cola, chugging it down, finishing it, leaving the popcorn on the floor. Seeing the neighbor woman naked made him think of his girlfriend, Tammy. She was babysitting her nephews so her brother could take his wife to dinner for Valentine’s. Here he was alone in the dark with his queer roommate, sitting on the floor with his knees to his chest, his head against the bed, thinking of the last time he and Tammy made love. He so wanted her to suck him, but she refused again. She didn’t like to experiment at all, never allowing him to taste her juices, to fulfill his oral fixation with her. He thought of his heart beating in his ears, as he pushed into her cunt, each thrust the same, each time just a little more boring than the last. It was Keith’s fault, all those stories about his transvestite girlfriend. The last time he stuck his fingers in his ears, when Keith kept blabbing on about the great blow job he got. But if Keith hadn’t agreed to take him in when freshman housing was over booked, he would have been stuck who knows where, certainly not with a view like this one.

“Let me have a turn,” complained Wyatt, “It’s my fucking telescope.”

“Fine, here,” said Keith, opening his soda and eating another handful of corn. “Why aren’t you with Tammy tonight? It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Like I don’t know what day it is. She is babysitting for her brother’s kids. Why aren’t you with your tranny boyfriend?” again chided Wyatt.

“He’s with his wife tonight. I don’t mind. It’s not like we are involved.”

“Let me get this straight, you two blow each other and you're not involved?”

“And you never fucked a girl, just to fuck her?”

Wyatt blushed, never having been with anyone but Tammy. They had dated steadily since prom senior year and now were committed to each other.

“The guy has his cock in her face. Look out, she just took it into her mouth.”

“What?” asked Keith. “ Let me see. Come on.”

“Fine, I don’t want to look anymore anyway.”

“This is way better than porn. I love having my balls sucked. This guy’s are shaved, just like Trudy’s, so smooth.” said Keith.

Wyatt got up off of the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. He sighed, wondering what that must feel like. He picked up the pink stuffed bear from the bed and hugged it. He had gotten it for Tammy, if she would only call. It was only 7pm, and nothing. Trudy’s smooth balls flashed across his mind. He put his hand over his eyes, what the hell was he thinking? Suddenly thoughts of Tammy were replaced with thoughts of Keith with his head shoved under this guys skirt, sucking the hell out of his clean shaven balls and penis. The blood rushed from his brain to his cock, and he couldn’t stand the thoughts any longer.

“I’m going to see Tammy. Have fun man,” Wyatt said rushing out the door.

“Fine, I will,” whispered Keith, unzipping his pants and pulling out his semi-hard rod. “Back to the show.”

***** The Neighbors

Still with her eyes shut the woman enjoyed the touch of her husband and the stranger. Her husband ran a feather over her body with one hand his other still rubbing her clit to hardness. Her hips were gently thrusting forward as a tongue flicked across the outer lips of her pussy. It gave her a chill down her spine, the anticipation and wonder of who was lapping her juices. Her husband’s hands were now rubbing across the strangers back as the mystery person enjoyed his wife’s love mound.

***** Wyatt, Tammy & the Blonde

Wyatt wiped his hands on his jeans, his palms sweaty and picked the bear off the passenger seat of his car. He knew Tammy would be aggravated him just showing up at he door, she had warned him about showing up unannounced. He tapped his knuckle against the door three times and waited. He did so again and then peered through the front window. He could see no one. He knocked louder, but still no answer, so he walked to the back of the house. He kept going until he came to the sliding glass patio door, which had an unobstructed view.

Wyatt’s mouth agape, he watched as two naked woman were intertwined on the floor. He stepped back from the door and peeked from behind a juniper bush. A blonde woman planted her face in the other’s crotch. He watched as she sucked the woman’s parts, lapping her tongue feverishly in and out along the soft folds of her lips. Feeling his hardness grow, he started to rub himself through his jeans. Maybe he had gotten the address wrong. Then it all became too clear, the woman being eaten threw her head back and he saw that it was Tammy. His heart sank, yet his penis grew harder. He wanted to run ,and he wanted to stay. Letting the bear fall to the ground he continued to watch , as Tammy took so much pleasure in this woman’s love. Tammy grabbed the blonde woman’s breasts , as the woman thrust her fingers deep within her. He couldn’t hear their moans, but moaned himself, now releasing his member from his pants. With each thrust the blonde made into Tammy, Wyatt stroked his own throbbing cock. His heart should be shattered, but all he could think of was his own sexual gratification. It was incredibly hot watching the two woman. Tammy was alive, more animated than she ever had been with him. The woman kissed, their tongues dancing within his sight, he closed his eyes then came all over the side of the house. Fumbling to put his penis back into his pants, he tripped over a toy truck in the yard. Tammy and her lover looked up, he stopped in his tracks, caught. They saw nothing but the mirror image of themselves in the reflective film that covered the glass. With his heart pounding, Wyatt with a tear in his eye, rushed to his car and back to his apartment.

***** Bonnie & Ted

“Some more wine?” asked the waiter.

“We’re fine. Could we have the check please?” said Ted.

“I hope the kids are okay, maybe I should call Tammy and see how she is doing.”

“You do this every time we go out. They are fine. Here,” Ted said, handing his wife a small gold box.

“I told you not to spend the money on this stupid commercial holiday. I know you love me,” said Bonnie, as she leaned in, kissing Ted.

“It’s not a Valentine, it’s just for being your sweet beautiful self.”

Bonnie opened the box, inside was a gorgeous marquis sapphire stone ring. She leaned in again and kissed Ted. A single tear ran down her cheek. They had been married ten years and each time she asked him not to give her anything for the holiday, he had done as she wished. She so wanted to give him something he had always wanted. It was late and picked over greeting cards and dented boxes of chocolates seemed so lame. There was one thing he wanted, but she hadn’t dared to give it to him in the past.

***** Keith & Wyatt

Keith groaned as he shot the last spurt of his cum into the basket by the bed. The door opened to the apartment, but he stayed where he was, knowing it was only Wyatt. He put his penis back into his pants and again peered into the scope at the neighbors. Wyatt came in and jumped on the bed.

“Get out man. I want to go to bed.”

“No way, the show isn’t over. You know I can’t see from my room.”

“Tough shit. Get out,” Wyatt said, throwing his pillow at Keith, nearly knocking over the telescope. Keith could see that Wyatt’s eyes were red and puffy and he had been crying. Keith jumped on the bed beside him, hitting him with the pillow.

Wyatt grabbed the pillow. “Quit it man, I’m not in the fucking mood,” he said. Keith grabbed him around the waist, then tickled his ribs. Wyatt started to laugh, taking his leg and trying to pin Keith down with it. The two wrestled for about ten minutes, breathless they both fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

“You really don’t give a shit that Trudy is with his wife tonight?” asked Wyatt.

“It hurts a little, but I don’t trust people enough to get too attached. I never have. Anything else you want to know?”

“What’s it like, you know, having a blow job?” asked Wyatt.

“You’ve never. It’s nice. I don’t think I can explain just how it feels. You’d be better off getting Tammy to show you.”

“She won’t do it. I’ve asked, besides I don’t think she is that into me.”

“You know the show is still going on. Do you mind if I continue to be a voyeur?”

Sitting up on the bed, “No, go ahead,” said Wyatt. Keith knelt down and looked through the eye piece. Wyatt’s mind kept flashing back to Tammy with the blonde, her pubes wet with cum, the woman’s fingers probing inside of her. Their tits bouncing as their bodies rocked on the floor of the family room. The blonde offering her fingers to Tammy and their both licking them clean. He hated how the thoughts made him feel. He put his pillow in his lap, hiding his erection.

Keith looked at Wyatt, now leaning back against the headboard, rubbing himself under the pillow. Watching Wyatt pleasing himself made him feel uncomfortable. He had never allowed himself to think of Wyatt as anything more than a friend, knowing he was straight. The urges were too much, but Wyatt didn’t want to be rejected a second time on Valentine’s Day. Wyatt opened his eyes and saw that Keith was watching him. He removed the pillow from his lap, unzipped his pants and let his penis free from the constraints of his jeans. Keith watched as Wyatt made slow deliberate strokes on his shaft. Neither said a word. Keith just got on the bed and crawled up to Wyatt, lightly sliding his tongue across the head of his cock. They looked into each other’s eyes and then Keith took him into his warm mouth. Wyatt had never felt anything like it before, Keith’s teeth scraping the surface of his penis as he sucked him. Keith took Wyatt’s balls in his hands, gently squeezing at the same time. Wyatt didn’t want to hurt Keith, but he closed his eyes and imagined Tammy was the one giving him the blow job. Wyatt ran his finger through Keith’s wavy brown hair, feeling it’s silky smoothness, like Tammy’s. It was pure pleasure, as Keith worked along his shaft and over his balls until he came. Wyatt cried out and looked down as Keith swallowed every drop of his cum. Keith went back to spy on the neighbors and Wyatt curled in the fetal position, and fell asleep, neither one ever mentioning it again.

***** Bonnie & Ted

Bonnie held the ring in front of her. She sat close to Ted, her head on his shoulder. Her hand made it’s way into his crotch and unzipped his pants.

“You can’t wait until we get home, Hun?” Ted asked. Bonnie said nothing, as she pulled his penis free and took him in her mouth.

“Woe,” he cried. “You’re going to make me drive off the road.”

She said nothing, just kept working his rod in her mouth. Looking up, she saw the smile on his face. He had always wanted to be blown while driving. He had always wanted to have sex in a public place, with the fear of being caught adding to the arousal. The car stopped at the light, a man in a large pickup truck peered down at them. Bonnie closed her eyes and was embarrassed, but Ted waved , really enjoying his wife’s gift. She worked her tongue up one side of the shaft and down the other, then sucked the head. After his climax, a drop of his cum slipped from her lips, otherwise she had swallowed all he had to offer her.

***** The Neighbors

She felt a shaft enter her, but could tell it wasn’t her husband’s. She squeezed in on the cock, as it filled her. Her husband removed the scarf from her eyes, she didn’t know the tan muscular man, but trusted her husband fully. As his cock slid in her juices in and out, she arched her back and her husband freed her arms. Her hands free, she glided one hand over her husbands hardness, the other over her own breast. The man pumped in her faster and harder, her husbands erection growing with each thrust the man made into his wife. She rubbed her own breasts, pinching her own nipples with her left hand and continued to fist her husband’s veined cock with the right. She loved her husband so, especially his giving in to her wish for the holiday. Her husband squeezed in behind her, holding the base of his cock, he pushed into her anus. Each man worked in a cooperative fashion to satisfy the woman. Thrust after thrust, into her cunt and anus made her orgasms shudder throughout her body. Her cum mixed with the strangers dripped on the sheets below, as she squeezed the strangers cock until he was limp. The husband kept pumping in on his wife, his balls slapping against her ass, his hands groping her breasts. The stranger crept from the bed and set a single red rose on the bed beside them and left the bedroom. She felt her husband's warm cum fill her then dribble down her ass cheeks and thighs. Spent, they fell onto the bed and embraced.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” said her husband, then kissing her. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Threesome The Unexpected and happy exciting.
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Free sex stories Threesome A Birthday to Remember

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Threesome A Birthday to Remember, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. It was the surprise element, she thought to herself, as she heard him walk around the bed. He had suggested, a little bit more daring thing to do in the bedroom, which she had agreed to, even though she was secretly pleased that he had come up with the idea.

He had tied her hands with silken ties before laying her down on the bed, upon her stomach, and when his hands had fastened the ties to the bed head, only then did she see the blindfold in his hands. Gently he tied it around her eyes, as the darkness closed in, and he slowly walked around to the other side of the bed.

His fingers slid inside her panties, as she felt her pussy lips moisten, as he slowly slid her panties down her legs, his fingers softly touching her skin, as he slid them down and off her legs. She felt the silken ties go around her ankles, as he fastened them in turn to the post at the foot of the bed, and she found herself laying there, exposed for him to see, as her juices beaded upon her pussy lips, in anticipation.

Suddenly his hand descended upon her bare bottom, and she felt a stinging sensation, as he took his hand away, before another descended upon her other cheek. Her pussy was really wet now, and he slid a finger up her lips slowly, teasing her, as she tried to push back on his finger. The sound of his lips sucking her juices off his finger, aroused her even more, and she felt the touch of his fingers upon the clasp of her bra, as he undid it, and cool air brushed over her back.

There was a clinking sound, then the touch of something cold between her thighs, as he slowly rubbed an ice cube between her legs, numbing her skin, as he touched her pussy with it. Slowly he ran it up and down her lips, and she lifted her hips as he ran it in a circling motion over her rapidly hardening clit. Suddenly, he pushed it inside her slick velvet pussy, in one motion, and she clenched her thighs as the sudden temperature difference made her come, as her body shook.

Then there was the sound of him, walking around the bed, then the soft, silky touch of something, teasing the insides of her thighs, as she shuddered and came in another orgasm. The teasing touch continued as he ran it up and over her pussy, stroking her bare skin, as he kneeled beside her and undid the ties at her ankles and feet, before doing the same with her hands. Then he turned her over onto her back as he gently retied the silken ties, at her hands and feet before removing her bra, and she waited with bated breath.

The warmth of his mouth descended upon her breasts, as his hot mouth enclosed upon a nipple, as he sucked it gently, before gently nipping at it with his teeth. The sudden touch of his other hand upon her other breast, as he kissed her chest, before slowly kissing a trail of butterfly kisses down to her stomach. There his tongue dipped into her navel, making her squirm, as he fingers constantly teased her nipples into aching buds of pleasure.

His tongue continued its journey southwards, pausing to lick across the waxed surface of her mound, before daringly, circling her clit, before the sudden touch of an ice cube at her breasts, and her nipples reacted accordingly. The ice teased them into throbbing, aching, points of ecstasy, as he dipped his hot tongue into her, cold pussy. The sudden shock of heat and cold made her come instantly, as her juices flooded her pussy, and she moaned for him to enter her aching pussy, which was flooding with her juices.

He touched her thigh with the tip of his hard cock, and she felt it travel slowly up her body, along her ribcage, touching the gentle curve of her breast, before it lightly touched her chin. She darted her tongue out to lick it, and felt him twitch, as she pursed her lips, and took him willingly into her mouth.

She turned her head to the side, and engulfed him in her mouth, sucking lightly, as her tongue, traced the curves of his cock. Tasting his pre come, she teased her tongue over his cock, wanting him to come in her, and as she spread her thighs wider, she was willing him to enter her, but he resisted. Holding her hair gently, he guided his cock slowly in and out if her mouth, then she felt it, a sudden movement at the foot of the bed.

The was the sound of someone kneeling between her legs, as another pair of hands rubbed her juices over the tip of another cock, and then it was at her aching pussy She felt the largeness of his cock as he slowly pushed her aching pussy lips apart. It felt as if she was being torn into two, then suddenly he was inside her, filling her pussy completely, ever so surely.

Her walls stretched to take him all in, as he waited for her to accept his large cock, which was threatening to split her apart. Slowly he pushed into her again, pausing for her pussy, to stretch, before slowly pushing into her again, until he was completely inside her. It felt as if she was being split apart, but somehow she took all of him, and then he started to stroke gently inside her pussy.

The sensation of having two cocks inside her made her feel even more wanton, as she took her lover completely inside her mouth, and felt his cock start to twitch as she sucked and licked his cock. Soon the sticky pre come started to ooze from his cock, and greedily she swallowed it, wanting even more. The thick cock in her pussy was soon pounding away at her pussy, and she felt her stomach tremble, as the signs of another orgasm built within the pit of her stomach.

The stranger’s hands held her hips, as he stroked in and out of her, as she clenched her pussy, trying to milk him as she started to come. Her body tingled, and she felt her juices flood her pussy, lubricating her even more, then she felt him pull out of her, and he came, spurting his hot come over her stomach. It fell onto her nipples, where it slowly dripped down her breasts, following the curve of the breast, to rest on her stomach.

Her lover took his cock from her hot mouth, and moved away. She called for him, but there was only silence. The stranger moved away from between her legs, and then she was alone, as the sound of the door closing made her realise what she had been given. A present from her lover, it seemed.

The sound of the door opening again split the silence, and she felt hands untying the silken ties from her hands and feet. Gently the blindfold was removed, and she saw her lover standing there with an erect cock, as he looked down on her. Her hands reached out to him, and she pulled him down upon the bed, where she then straddled him, pinning him to the bed as she sat upon his hard cock, and it slipped into her easily after the stranger’s cock had stretched her pussy walls.

She rode him, as he caressed her, touching her, stroking her erect clit, as she shuddered and came on him, as he waited, then he grabbed her by the waist. His hands pushed her onto the bed, and he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, to allow him easier access to her sopping pussy.

It seemed like an eternity, before he started to fuck her, pushing into her faster and faster, as she lifted her hips for him, then he started to come, and she reached down to his balls, squeezing them as he shuddered, his hot come spurting into her pussy, as she clenched her pussy tighter, milking him, and then they collapsed together upon the bed, both spent.

He looked over to her, his fingers tracing the outline of her puffy lips, and he whispered, ‘Happy birthday, my love.”

She smiled and snuggled closer to him as they fell asleep. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Threesome A Birthday to Remember and happy exciting.
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Free sex stories Fetish Learning to switch

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Fetish Learning to switch, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. She slipped in to another skin, one where she did not have to think, just react. It was time to be submissive. Being dominant, willful and forceful was something that had just recently reared it's head and she reveled in it, but it took as much as it gave and she found out by mere coincidence that being submissive replenished her senses and her might.

In all her fifty years her true self lay dormant while she was raising her family. What ever was needed at any given time she mustered it somehow. When her last child left her nest something came alive in her and she did not quite know how to bridle the energy, or understood where it was coming from. She came to the conclusion not to question it, but to enjoy it without causing any pain, or discomfort to her family.

He told her to meet him at a restaurant and gave her instructions on what to wear. A gallant man, highly intelligent and so in tune with her needs. Even though they were just getting to know each other, he was 12 years her senior and he had lived the life style for a long time. He could read her so well and he was able to call out the parts in her that she suppressed, allowed her to expose her insides, even though she still was not completely comfortable yet, he knew this and gave her the time she needed to explore and to strip herself of her inhibitions.

In order for her to comply and to slip in to how she wanted to be, the dominant side
in her had to be convinced to vacate her mind and since she experienced this renaissance she was more than willing to oblige. He gave her his instructions in a charming, but very clear manner. No panties, a sheer bra that would allow her nipples to be visible under the crisp white blouse, stockings and a garter belt over a black skirt that was clinging to her curves, but that was loose towards the bottom, black patent leather heels accentuated her beautiful legs and she was admitting to herself how sensual she felt in this outfit. As he directed her to do, she applied her favorite scent between her breasts, on the insides of her thighs and knees, and on the back of her neck, which heightened her senses even more.

Energized and doused in anticipation she stepped out of the elevator, her eyes adjusting slowly to the dimly lit surroundings. A waiter approached her quickly and asked to follow him to the table her party was awaiting her.

As they were making their way through the restaurant, her thoughts were racing, her heart began to pound in her chest and there was no way she could hide her excitement. Her nipples were parading themselves in a highly visible manner and every breath she took made them rub against the satin fabric of her bra, exciting her even further, the feeling was very intense. The low lights did not hide the flush in her face when her suitor stood in front of her, clearly delighted by what he saw and charmingly kissing her hand, pulling out
the chair for her and announcing, "Darling, I am so happy to see you and you look stunning!"

She thanked him for the compliment and took her seat and as she sat down she felt the dampness between her legs and quickly crossed them underneath the table, as if to somehow manage her excitement.Standing behind her, he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Uncross them, my sweet, please." His voice was warm, but there was a definite demand that could not be overheard and even though her first instinct was to defy his request, she complied and uncrossed her legs, taking a deep breath she put both of her feet on the floor and looked at him. He sensed her apprehension and smiled at her, took her hand and began idle conversation. As if it was the most natural thing in the world to him, having a gorgeous woman sitting beside him in a public place, without panties and awaiting his requests.

When she felt his fingers between her legs, it send hot tingles down her spine, the surprise almost caused her to drop the glass of wine she was holding. Amused by her reaction, he kissed her cheek and quietly he said to her, "Let me feel how excited you are." With that his fingers found her highly aroused mound and he ran his finger between her moist lips, which caused her involuntarily to release more drops of juice.

He chuckled. "Oh Dear, you are so ripe, it will be such a pleasure to tease the honey from you and do not worry, the table linens protect us from preying eyes!" Intently he looked at her, as he licked his finger, like a delicay he savored it and she could not believe how much this affected her. The heat was so strong now, she began to squirm a little and his hand found its way to the source of her fire and he began to roll her clit between his fingers, as if it was a toy, nibbling on her ear at the same time, kissing her neck and feeling the the goosebumps rise on her skin.

It was getting very hard for her to keep her composure. Holding a napkin and squeezing it tightly, she could not withhold the moan when his finger slipped inside of her hot pussy, she bit her lip and her hips pushed against his hand. The heat waves were flooding through her and he was enjoying every moment of the sweet agony he was causing her. "I want to cum right here, right now, please!" she uttered, but he was not done with her yet.

"Soon, Darling, soon." And with that he removed his hand from her and called the waiter over and ordered their dinner.

Somehow she had to cool herself and come back to her senses, so she excused herself to go to the ladies room.

"I want you in the same state as you are in now, do you understand, Darling?"

"Yes I do," she mumbled. He knew exactly what she had in mind and as much as she wanted to relieve the pressure, she was going to go along with his request. Walking away, she felt his eyes watching her and every step she took reminded her of how aroused she was.

The cool water on her wrists helped her to simmer down a bit and when she saw the reflection of herself in the mirror she had to laugh. He had her on the edge, her eyes glazed, her whole body in a state of pure anticipation and she was in a daze, wanting nothing but to go and be his toy. Normally she was the one who did the teasing, but being played with, being the object of desire and giving in to it was so liberating.

"What a good girl you are!" he said with a grin, knowing she returned to him just as hungry as she had left him and his praising words gave her a strange rush. She wanted him to fondle her again, but dinner was served. She had lost the appetite for food, yet her need to cum grew by the minute. It seemed like an eternity, eating, talking and all she could hope for now was that he did not want coffee, or some dessert. She wanted to be his dessert!

"Do you want anything else, Dear?" he asked and her reply made him laugh when she
answered with a loud, "No, thank you!"

A gentleman through and through, he guided her to the elevator and pushed the button, always brushing up against her and his voice beguiling her, he said, "I am so pleased with the way you handle yourself and I cannot wait to get my hands on you."

Again she felt this sensation rushing through her, his words, his voice her body reacting with tiny stinging pricks all over her skin, she was exhilarated.

The elevator walls were all mirrors. When they stepped inside and the door closed, he had his body pressed up against her so quick and before she knew it her back was against the wall, kissing her with so much passion, it nearly took her breath away and there were no more thoughts in her mind. She was one big bundle of nerves now. His knee parted her legs and one hand found her wetness, while the other reached for her breast and she welcomed his raw fury.

He abruptly let go of her when the elevator came to a halt. She was disheveled, hot and wet and he seemed to be very collected. Fortunately nobody was waiting for the elevator and he put his arm around her and guided her through the empty parking garage to his car. He began caressing her nylon wrapped legs and they parted for him in anticipation. Caressing her thigh, slowly moving toward her moist pussy, she shivered and when she felt his hot breath on her nipple she loudly moaned in delight. Her hips were trying to guide him to the fire she needed him to put out and when she felt his hand covering her pulsing honey hole, she began to rub herself on it, but he had other plans and he said, "You will have to wait!" This sinking feeling came over her, but she knew by the look in his eyes that he was really going to make her wait.

They arrived at his place and she did not take much notice of her surroundings, she was so aroused and she could only focus on one thing and she was going to comply with his wishes, she wanted her reward.

"Come to me!" he said in a low, but demanding voice and she walked towards him hoping her knees would not cave in. "I want to see more of you." With that he began to unbutton her blouse, reached behind her and unzipped her skirt and she stood there exposed now in her bra, garter belt, stockings and heels. Unable to conceal her arousal, her nipples poking out, goosebumps all over her skin, her mouth half opened and her eyes begging him to touch her.

One of his hands grabbing her ass and the other in her hair, he pulled her to him, pressed his body against hers and his hard cock send shivers through her. "Oh yes!" she stuttered and when he kissed her, the juice began slowly dripping down her leg.

With one move he lifted her up on a cabinet and his hands spread her legs wide open and he was clearly enjoying the view. Her pussy glistening, lips swollen and her clit defiantly hot pink and erect. Like a hungry animal he dove down and began to suckle on her hot button, inserting his finger deep inside of her, feeling her twitching muscles and her honey was coating his chin and finger.

It was like a fountain of nectar, he was thirsty and he helped himself to her offerings. Reveling in her moans and groans he took her to her climax with his mouth and fingers. Trembling under his wet face, her legs shaking vigorously and her arched backed high, he looked up at the beautiful mess he had made of her and pressed himself against her. How he wanted to fuck her right now, mindlessly. All her glory, the bra unable to contain her breasts, swollen nipples flashing through the fabric, ecstasy in her face, her eyes glazed over, beckoning him to fill her and her hips grinding against him, it was almost to much for him to resist.

"Tell me, my little Princess, what do you want?"

With a whimper in her voice, but loud and very clear she responded, " Fuck me, please!"

Instead of doing just that, he pulled her around so that her head was almost dangling from the cabinet, the rest of her body sprawled out across the surface, he guided his hard, throbbing cock in to her open and waiting mouth.

"Swallow me!" he demanded and she was more than eager to comply. He thrust
himself inside her, grabbing her thick hair and pushing her head until he heard her gag. The moment was so intense for him that his whole body stiffened, his buttocks squeezing together under the sweet sensation of her sucking on his cock with so much devotion. His fingers now deep inside her hot pulsing pussy, probing, trying to push her to another orgasm, as she was gyrating her hips in rhythm with the waves coming from within her and neither one of them wanted to let go until they reached the point of no return.

Somehow he was able to hold back the enormous amount of cum he knew accumulated
and he was wanted to explode. His balls so tight and the head inflamed and red, he pulled out of her mouth in one almost painful move, and left her head hanging, but ravished her once again with his tongue. All it took was a couple of strokes over her clit and her body began to shiver nearly violently, loud inaudible words coming from her and he had to support her head so that she would not fall off thrashing around. He watched her with delight as her hands were clenching his arms until she finally sunk down in to a laying position.

There was no way he was going to refrain any longer. He swung her somewhat limp body around and in an instant she was sitting up erect and in awaiting his cock, legs spread wide to welcome that what she was aching for. Her eyes widened and she gasped as he entered her with one fierce thrust so hard and so raw that she began to pant and his loud moans echoed her breathing.

The backdrop to their sounds of ecstacy was the slamming together of their bodies. Pumping in to her with all of his might, milking him with her muscles, creating a frenzy of lust, reacting from pure instinct now, both feeling the intense sensations of orgasmic waves taking over. Soft wet muscles twitching and surrounding him tightly, releasing the hot flow of his cum in to her walls so needy for his hot juice, that her orgasm caused her to collapse on to him with a loud cry of rapture. Neither one was in control of what moved their bodies and still entangled with one another, reeling from the sensations they let it wash over them, until the weakness in his legs let him know he needed to let go of her.

Mustering up the strength to carry her over to his bed, he laid her on her back gently, where he could not help but see his cum dripping from her satiated pussy. What a sight it was!
Purring like a kitten she stretched out there before him, holding out her arms, inviting him to lay next to him and it was irresistible, because he was spent as well, spent and happy.

With a smile he took his place next to her and he knew that this was just the beginning of a very fruitful relationship. There was much he wanted to teach her and he knew there was a lot he was going to learn from her. Kissing her softly, he put his arms around her and they laid there together lost in their thoughts and enjoying the calm, knowing that this encounter was the prelude for what was to come. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Fetish Learning to switch and happy exciting.
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Free sex stories Fetish New Secretary

Free Sex Stories Today's is about Free sex stories Fetish New Secretary, who would you like, because it is very sexy and exciting and all are free sex stories. Also you can find all of Sexy, adult, xxx and Erotic Story just for you. "Is that really the best answer you can come up with?"

The question was left hanging in the air as his hand dismissed the woman from his office.

Deb had been caught with her fingers in the till, not a huge sum, but it was theft all the same. She had offered profuse apologies and her reasons for doing what she did, none of which impressed Nigel much and her fate was sealed. He watched her turn on her heels, her eyes welling up with tears and her mouth opening as if to reply...she paused for a brief second as if to say something more, thought better of it and continued on her way out of his office and out of his employment

Nigel knew that his long term secretary would be very difficult to replace but his one golden rule for all his employees had been broken by Deb and that rule was Honesty.

He paid well and together with fringe benefits, rightly thought, that his staff were well taken care of. In this case not well enough it would seem.

He briefly let his mind wander to better times and wondered for a moment whether he was being too harsh on her. Quickly he decided he wasn't and got to work with the problems of finding a decent, honest secretary to replace Deb.

Deb was a mature, matronly, woman of about 55 who was about as sexy as a plank of wood but she could really do her job and do it well. She had been with the company for 8 years and in that time had turned the administration of the place into a work of art, it ran like a precision time piece. Where on earth would he find someone of the same calibre...he didn't relish the task ahead.

He picked up the phone and dialled the sales department. Janice was in charge there and he asked her to come to his office.

Janice was completely different to Deb, younger, sexy and full of confidence. A little tiresome at times due to her bouncy nature but did a stirling job of keeping things in check in her dept. She also had a great sense of humour which often bought howls of laughter from all those around her, including Nigel.

She entered his office after a brief knock and without being asked to come in. he looked up from his papers as if surprised by her entrance and motioned her to sit in the leather bound chair facing him across the large oak desk.

Janice was in her early thirties and was far from the conservative spinster that Deb had been. She wore a respectable outfit although a little more adventurous than anything Deb would have dreamed of wearing. The skirt was a little shorter, the blouse a little tighter and the make up a little brighter. She had a nice figure under her work clothes and liked to show it off a little with one button too many undone on her blouse to give a nice hint of the cleavage held beneath.

Nigel quickly explained what had happened earlier and that he was now in need of a new secretary to replace Deb. As he explained the situation Janice sat in silence and jotted down a few notes on a pad she had bought with her. Nigel explained what sort of person he was looking for and what qualities that he required from her. He asked her to arrange the advertising for the job but to let him see a copy of the vacancy resume before she had it entered in the local press.

She asked him if there were any special qualities that she should ask for when putting the advert together and he jokingly said, "The successful applicant must be under 35, wear short skirts, stockings, silky lingerie and be prepared for lots of overtime, oh yes, and she must be single!"

They both laughed at the innuendo and as Janice got up to leave she looked at him with a slightly wicked smile and lifted the hem of her skirt an inch or two, just enough to show she was wearing tights. "Shame about these," she said, "I fit the bill in all the other areas!" She gave him a cheeky wink and headed for the door.

He called after her and just to be on the safe side said, "Just the standard sort of wording will be fine Janice, best leave out the other bits don't you think?"

"Sure Mr Parks, no problem," and disappeared from the office still wearing the grin.

The next day at about 10 am there was a knock on the door to his office and as before the door opened before he had a chance to ask the person to come in.

It was Janice but a slightly different Janice to the one who had sat across from him the day before.

Same cheeky smile but that was now accentuated by the richer shade of red on her lips, same tight fitting blouse but now with an extra button undone which now showed the cleavage that was only hinted at the day before and the same shorter skirt but now an inch shorter showing off slightly more of her thigh. As well as these changes he also noticed that her footwear had changed and she was wearing what he judged to be about 4" heels which really made her look quite stunning The whole ensemble in fact made her look quite sexy and he was pleasantly surprised to be able to smell her very subtle perfume which he knew she hadn't had on the day before.

She sat in the same chair as the day before and passed over the copy of the advert that she had produced for him as requested. He read it through and found nothing wrong in it and passed it back to her. She lent towards the desk to retrieve it which afforded him a glorious view down the front of her blouse. Not to the naval you understand but just enough for him to see the ivory coloured bra she was wearing and the swell of the top of her breasts. His gaze was fixed there for a moment until he was bought back to earth by Janice.

"Is that acceptable Mr Parks?"

He was momentarily caught of guard by this and looked down at his paperwork on the desk. He answered her positively whilst rustling around in the papers feeling his own face start to redden. He didn't know whether or not she had seen him looking down her front but was embarrassed by the thought that maybe she did. When he eventually looked up and said, "Yes Janice that will be perfect," he noticed with even more surprise that she had crossed her legs and her skirt had ridden another few inches up her nylon covered thigh. The surprising thing was that this time he could just make out the end of a suspender strap attached to her stocking and not a continuation of nylon like a pair of tights. She still wore her cheeky grin but her lips were slightly more pouting than before and he could swear that she poked the tip of her tongue out from between those red lips ever so slightly and ran it across the top of her bottom lip. He was also now sure that his face was scarlet.

Janice uncrossed her legs which gave him another brief glimpse of her thighs and beyond and he plainly saw the pale flesh above her stocking tops, he shifted uneasily in his chair. She rose and stood in front of him and asked if there was anything else he needed at the moment...a few things came into his head, none of which he could request so he said no and she turned and again headed for the door. He watched her walk away safe in the knowledge that she could no longer see him staring at her and watched the thin outlines of her suspender straps move in unison with her perfect bottom under her skirt. He shifted on his chair again, trying to find a comfortable position for a growing problem!

Just as she reached for the door she turned again and said, "I was wondering if it would be ok for me to apply for the job with you? I think I fit the bill pretty well and I know the company so from a training point of view that would make your life a lot easier."

Nigel wasn't sure as to what to say, his mind however did and without hesitation he said, "Sure why not, but that would still leave me a member of staff short, just in another area."

"Yeah I know, I could do both jobs for a short while until you found a replacement for me in sales couldn't I?"

"Maybe. Run the advert and let's see what happens, apply for the job as my secretary as you would for any other job and we will see where it leads, ok?"

Her face lit up like a kid in a sweet shop. "Thank you Mr Parks, I'll do just that!" With that she opened the door and she, together with her new look was gone.

Nigel sat back in his chair and collected his thoughts; he had never really looked at any of his employees in a sexual way before today. Janice had changed that and now he was thinking about how much fun this new employee / employer relationship could really be.

On the other hand he was also thinking that it may cause some major complications and cause him to lose the respect of those he relied on to ensure his business ran smoothly. Whichever way he looked at it his mind kept projecting an image of Janice with her skirt hiked up around her waist sitting on the edge of his desk wearing those lovely stockings. He made a decision there and then. Janice would almost certainly be his new secretary but on his terms. If she didn't want to play by the rules he set then he would deal with that if and when the time came.

The Interviews.

Over the next couple of weeks Nigel received 11 applications for the vacancy, one of which was from Janice.

He went over each one in detail and discarded all but three of the applicants on grounds of experience, age or education. Obviously one of the applicants he didn't discard was Janice.

He called her and asked her to come to his office. Today she looked a little nervous but no less sexy than before. He asked her to sit in the chair in front of him and handed her the applications from the three short listed prospects. She briefly looked through the sheets of paper he had handed her and he watched as her nervous look disappeared to be replaced with the beaming smile which he preferred.

"Please could you contact the people whose applications and C.V's you have there and arrange interviews with me here on Friday starting at 10am?"

"Yes of course Mr Parks, no problem at all."

"Good, thanks, make sure you give me at least an hour between interviews and please could you make your own the last of the day, I wouldn't want you to cloud my judgement on the other hopefuls would I?" he said with a cheeky smile of his own.

It was Janice's turn to look a little red faced but she quickly composed herself and almost leapt from the chair with her cheeky grin firmly reattached. Watching her taught behind through her skirt as she left the office he again felt the need to shift in his chair to rearrange things in a more comfortable position.

Friday quickly came and Nigel had asked Janice to act as his assistant in greeting the two applicants on there arrival and showing them into my office at the specified time.

At 10am sharp there was a light knock on his door.

"Come in."

Janice opened the door and went through first swiftly followed by a young woman of about 25 to 30, 5'7", blonde hair and dressed in a business suit consisting of a white blouse with a dark blue pinstriped jacket and matching pencil skirt which ended just above the knee. She had a nice shape and from what Nigel could see of her decided that she had a decent sized chest under her outer garments.

Janice approached the desk and introduced Miss Court as his 10am interview.

"Thank you Janice, I will call if we need anything."

Janice headed back towards the door and Nigel couldn't help noticing that her skirt seemed even shorter than ever now and moulded itself to her like a second skin, the outline of her suspender straps was now even more evident and he felt his mouth going slightly dry imagining what may lie beneath.

Nigel leant across his desk and offered his hand to the young lady standing before him in his office. She in turn took his hand in a firm grip and smiled politely.

"Please take a seat Miss er....Court."

"Thank you," she said "If its ok with you please call me Angela."

After she had sat herself down and undone one of her jacket buttons and made herself comfortable he got down to the business of the interview.

"OK Angela, thank you for applying for this position. I am Nigel Parks, the owner of NP engineering and if you are successful in getting this job you will be working as my PA / Secretary."

He then went on to explain briefly the duties that the job would entail and give a short description of what the company did and its history.

Angela listened intently and added a few yes's and oh really's into the conversation at the appropriate times.

Nigel reached for her C.V. and asked her about her last employment, she had worked for a local haulier as a secretary and had recently left without a position to go to.

"I left because my boyfriend at the time decided it would be good fun to start seeing someone behind my back, unfortunately for him, and for me I suppose, that person was my immediate boss and she couldn't stop talking about her latest Toy Boy conquest. It didn't take me long to figure out that the new love in her life, Mark, was also the love of my life"

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that."

"It probably turned out for the best in the end anyway as Mark was talking about having children and settling down and to be honest that just isn't me at the moment."

She asked if she could remove her jacket as it was getting a little warm in the office.

Nigel stood from his chair and went round to the front of the desk

"Off course," he said and held out his hand to take it from her.

She stood and swiftly undid the remaining button and shed the jacket from her shoulders. He took it from her and hung it on the coat stand in the corner of the room.

As he returned to the other side of his desk he took a long look at her profile and was inwardly pleased to see that her chest was possibly around the 36D and her nipples were just about visible through the semi sheer fabric of her blouse.

She was definitely wearing a bra as he could make out a lacy border of material just where the top button of her blouse was fastened.

He asked her if she would like a cup of coffee or anything as he didn't really want the interview to end just yet and was starting to get into the role of being in control of this young ladies immediate destiny.

"Thank you, that would be nice, milk, no sugar please."

He picked up the phone and called Janice.

"Hi Janice could we have two coffees in the office please, one for me and one for Angela, Milk and no sugar. Thank you."

Whilst they were waiting Nigel asked Angela about her hobbies and interests outside work to which she gave stock answers, swimming, gym, socialising etc.

There was then a knock on the door and before Nigel could utter a word it flew open to reveal Janice with a small tray with two cups on it.

Her smile from earlier had disappeared and she walked sternly towards the desk. Nigel furrowed his brow at the change in her demeanour and wondered what had happened in the last 25 minutes to bring this change about.

"Here is your coffee Mr Parks and one for Angela!" The word Angela was said with such a barb that it would have caught a whale without to much problem and suddenly Nigel knew where the smile had gone. She felt threatened by this girl in his office, maybe even jealous, he inwardly smiled; he had a new card to play and added it to his memory for later use.

"Thank you Janice, that will be all for now," he said without any emotion which seemed to crush Janice even further and her self assured walk from earlier was replaced with a slightly dejected retreat back to the outer office. She closed the door quietly behind her.

It was at that point that Nigel decided that Angela would not be getting the job as his new secretary but wanted to make Janice squirm a little longer so picked up the conversation about the job again. "As well as this position we also have a secretarial post vacant in our sales department. If you weren't successful in this post would you consider taking on that one?

"Oh yes Mr Parks as long as the salary wasn't to far from what is on offer for this one, in fact I would probably take it if there were a vast difference, two months without working is making a large hole in my savings account!"

She shifted slightly in her chair and crossed her legs which gave Nigel a perfect tunnel view up inside her tight fitting skirt. Hold ups! Wow! He was starting to wonder why he had kept on Deb for so long!

She definitely noticed where his gaze was going but did nothing to try and change her position to hide his view, instead she just smiled at him and asked what his hobbies and interests outside his working life were.

"My kids take up a lot of my free time, my ex wife is gracious enough to allow me pretty much free access to them so most of my weekends are spent with one or other of them or both. The time that is left is mostly spent riding my bike at high speeds around various tracks up and down the country."

"I love bikes, big bikes that is. What bike do you ride Mr Parks?"

"Nigel please, I ride quite a few but my Fireblade is the favourite."

"You've lost me, a Fireblade?"

"Sorry it's a Honda, but we are getting sidetracked and our coffees are finished. Have you got any questions that you wish to ask about the job Angela?"

"Which one Nigel?"

Nigel let out a quiet laugh and said "Either?"

"No I don't think so but I just would like to let you know that I have found this place very welcoming and I believe that if I was offered a job here that I would be very happy and you certainly wouldn't be disappointed in what I could do for you."

The way she said "What I could do for you" made Nigel think that she was flirting with him but decided that it was probably nothing but wishful thinking.

At that point he decided to end the interview, he thanked Angela for coming and told her he would let her know the decision in the next 7 days he got up from his chair and collected her jacket for her. He held it out for her and as she stood in front of him he had a great view down her blouse and could clearly see the cream satin material of her bra straining to hold those wonderful looking breasts under control.

She turned to face him and offered her hand as she said goodbye. He in turn opened the door for her and showed her out into the outer office where Janice quickly rose from the desk and looked into his eyes in a sort of searching but pleading way.

"Could you show Miss Court the way out please, Janice, then come to my office."

He returned to his desk and a few minutes later Janice knocked on the door, again she didn't just enter and he had to ask her to come in before she ventured past the threshold.

She still looked rather sorry for herself but she held her head up and still looked sexy even without the pouting smile he had got used to over the last few days.

"Would you clear away these empty cups and then show the other applicant through please Janice."

"Certainly Mr Parks. Unfortunately the other applicant, Mrs Lombard, has phoned to say that she has already found another position and wont be attending the interview today"

"Oh, Ok then. Well clear these cups, make a couple of fresh ones and come back in for your own interview. Looks like we have some extra time to go over what's required of my new secretary so you'll obviously be in with a much better chance than anyone else wont you?" he said with a slight smile

Janice's face changed instantly, her lovely smile returned and her confident poise was once again in evidence.....She really does want to be working for me he thought, lets find out just how much!

About five minutes later Janice returned with two cups of coffee and some mail that had been delivered earlier.

She set my cup down on the desk and laid the envelopes in front of me on the blotter.

"Take a seat Janice and tell me why you want this job?"

She seemed a little taken aback by the question but started to give her answer. "Well I want this job because I know the work, I know the people and hopefully I know you. I obviously would like a better salary than the one I am on at the moment but don't want to leave a place that I enjoy working at to get it."

He spent a while looking at her as she spoke, she was nervous and her breath was a little ragged causing her chest to rise and fall quite rapidly. He could plainly see the black material of the bra she wore beneath her blouse and he wondered whether her knickers would match. He desperately wanted to find out but managed to restrain himself from vaulting the desk and pulling up her skirt to find out.

"Ok that sounds fair, so what could you bring to this job that maybe another applicant couldn't, what special skills do you have that maybe they wouldn't have?"

She seemed to think for a while. "I am literate on all your computer systems and know the products as well as most of the customers, I...."

He cut her off. "Janice I know all that, you have worked here a while and I have kept an eye on you as I do on all my employees. Tell me something about yourself that I don't know, something that will make you indispensable?"

She thought for a few moments and as she thought her face reddened as if she was becoming embarrassed by something she was thinking then she just blurted out.....

"I have the best collection of lingerie of any woman I know and I love to wear it for my own pleasure as well as the pleasure of a man, I love wearing short skirts and stockings, love doing lots of overtime and I am most definitely single!" Once she had managed to get that out her smile returned and her face returned to a more natural colour.

Nigel was struck dumb for a moment but rapidly regained his composure and took control of this interesting situation. He got up from his chair and started round to the front of the desk. "Show me?"

"Show you what?" she asked looking a little red faced again

"Show me that you have a great collection of lingerie."

"What, here....Now?"

"Yes right here, right now. You can leave without showing me of course but then you will then have to wait for 7 days until you get a letter telling you if you have the job or not."

He smiled at her and as she lifted her perfect behind from the chair she smiled back, her cheeky smile that pretty much said, "Ok you're on buster!"

She stood in front of him and he could again smell the subtle but intoxicating perfume she had taken to wearing around him. Her slim fingers reached up to the first button on her blouse but instead of undoing it she grasped the two sides of the blouse and pulled them roughly apart. Buttons flew off across the office floor and she stood before him showing off her beautiful half cup satin bra which made her breasts look enormous and very inviting.

He resisted the temptation to reach out for them and rested against the edge of the desk and drank in the view in front of him. Her smile was still there and if it were possible was cheekier than ever

"So far so good!" he said with a grin.

She eased the blouse of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Reaching for the zip of her skirt she released it and slowly eased it over her hips until all resistance to gravity were gone and that too ended up in a pool at her feet.

He took a deep breath as he looked at the image of beauty in front of him, she wore a matching satin thong which was almost transparent at the front and did little to hide the inviting, shaven mound beneath. She also wore a satin waspie suspender belt which accentuated her waist and framed her pelvis perfectly. She was a picture of eroticism and he needed to feel her flesh next to his.

The effect she was having on her boss did not escape Janice who couldn't fail to notice the bulge that had been growing inside Nigel's trousers since she started her impromptu striptease.

"See something you like Sir?" she said.

"Yes I do young lady but I need to see more to be able to be sure!"

She started to reach behind her back to unclip her bra but he stopped her.

"I'll take over from here Janice, this is my show and I am in charge. Are we clear on that?"

"Yes Mr Parks, I think we are."

"Ok, lets get a few rules straight before we go any further, ok with you?"

Janice nodded her head with her lips slightly parted and ran her tongue over her lips as she did so.

"Firstly you have the job if you want it but there are conditions and I need to know you agree to them before we make your appointment formal"


"First rule is that you will always wear something sexy under whatever outer clothes that you wear to work, Stockings are obligatory as are suspenders, no hold ups and certainly no tights ever. If you break any of these rules a suitable punishment will be administered Ok?

"Yes Mr Parks."

"Second rule is that when we are alone together at work you will either call me Sir or Master, If we are amongst work colleagues or clients you will call me Mr Parks and if we are socialising or at my house alone or in company you will call me Nigel."

"Ok Mr Par.....Sir!"

"Good, you learn quickly," he said smiling openly

"The last rule is that you will allow me to make love to you whenever I want too wherever I want too and for as long as I want too."

"That rule I like the sound of Master."

"Good then Janice welcome to your new job."

She stood with a beaming smile and put her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips and let her hand stray to the bulge in his trousers. He kissed her back whilst letting his hand roam over her body in search of her perfect arse which he found and pulled towards him trapping her hand between them.

He turned her round so that she was against the large desk and lifted her up onto the edge and sat her down in front of him. His hands went to her shoulders and eased the straps from her bra and let them fall to her sides. She reached forward towards the prize behind his zip but he slapped the hand away.

"Who's in charge Janice?"

"You are Ni....Master!"

"That's right, hands by your side please."

She did as she was asked and he went back to her satin covered breasts. He eased down the cups to expose the beautiful flesh beneath and immediately put his mouth over her left nipple, and used his thumb and forefinger to roll the other quite harshly.

Janice moaned into his shoulder and shuddered at the sensations that were flowing through her body she pushed herself towards him to increase the force from his mouth, almost grinding her nipple onto his mouth.

His free hand travelled down to the valley between her legs and as he forced his way into her thong she parted her legs to allow him easier access to her already soaking pussy. His fingers found her clit which sent a shudder through her body and she thought that she had a mini orgasm.

As he felt her shudder he sucked harder on her nipple and roughly squeezed her other nipple. She lost control slightly at that point and again grabbed at his cock through his trousers. This time he did not slap her away but stood back a little to allow her to get her fingers on his fly.

She eased it down and reached inside and found his hard penis which felt hot to the touch, she managed to get it out from his boxers and pulled it into the open. He wasn't huge, 6 or 7" maybe but it was solid and hard as wood. Janice bent herself double and took the head of his tool into her mouth and sucked on it as hard as he had been sucking on her nipple.

It was now Nigel's turn to do some moaning as the feeling of her hot mouth engulfed his aching cock and turned his knees to jelly.

"Oh yeah suck my cock Janice, suck it hard! Let me feel that tongue on me."

He reached over her back and roughly pulled on her thong until the inevitable ripping of fabric occurred. He pulled the material out from between her legs and bought it to his nose to smell her aroma and then to his mouth to taste her juices. He threw what was left of her knickers over his desk onto his empty chair and pulled her head up from his groin and kissed her deeply.

He picked her up from the desk and turned her round, gently pushing her forwards until she was resting her elbows on his desk. She instinctively parted her legs slightly and waited for what was coming.

He reached around her front and grasped her nipple again, quite roughly and pulled on it hard. Janice yelped and he eased off a bit not wanting to hurt her.

"Don't stop, hold me tight and hurt my nipples, your making me cum."

No further encouragement was needed he worked her nipple hard her moans got louder and louder. His free hand worked its way between the cheeks of her round arse and found her wet pussy waiting and ready. He pushed two fingers into her which made her collapse face down onto the desk, pleading for his cock. "Fuck me, fuck me hard master!"

He withdrew his slickly coated fingers from her and positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her pussy and was about to push into her when she thrust backwards and encased his cock with her hot cunt. With one hand he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her further back onto him and the other hand, the fingers of which had been buried in her cunt, he forced into her mouth "Like the taste of your cum do you Janice?"

"Yes.....Sir, feed me my cum."

He reached down again and smothered his fingers with her hot sticky juices and again put them in her mouth, she suckled on them as he had suckled on her breasts and begged for more of her own juice.

All the time he was driving his cock into her and as he pulled out again he would pull on her hair roughly to drive himself back into her and at each thrust she would beg him to fuck her harder.

They were like animals, the sexual tension of the previous days had driven them to the edge and that tension was about to explode in massive orgasms for both of them.

Nigel withdrew his hard cock from her and picked her up of the desk. He swiftly turned her round and sat her back down and spread her legs as wide as they would go. He drove his rigid cock back into her almost lifting her of the desk and used a firm grasp on her breast to stop her falling backwards.

He knew he wasn't far from coming and wanted to come inside this newly found submissive he felt his ball tightening as the inevitable release stated and he exploded deep in her pussy

As she felt the first jet of burning cum hit the walls of her cunt she screamed out loud and reached forward and grasped hold of him around the neck. She pulled herself up of the desk so that he wholly supported her above the desk on his cock and by her stocking encased legs around his waist. She slid up and down his length milking every last drop of semen from his cock and kissing his neck hard.

She continued sliding her pussy up and down his length until she felt his cock starting to soften and at that point he placed her back down on the desk. She disentangled her legs from his waist and lay back on the desk totally spent and sweating from the exertion of the wonderful fuck she had just experienced.

Nigel slowly withdrew from her and gazed in wonder at the woman who lay across his desk. This he hoped would be the first of many great fucks in this office and over this desk.

He lent forward and kissed Janice on the forehead. "Are you ok?"

"Master I am more than ok, I feel wonderful. Thank you for this job, I will never let you down."

"I know you won't Janice, I know you won't." Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Fetish New Secretary and happy exciting.
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Fuck, last night was a bit too close, etched in his minds eye, him sprawled on the floor, floored by some twisted skunk and her splayed on the sofa, her white panties, long legs and giggling jiggling breasts… Fuck! Unemployment makes idle work for hands and he knew where his hands would be wondering if he didn't find something to do. He could just make out her figure from their 14th floor window just leaving the building and heading for docklands light. Tea, make a cup of tea that will kill, well a few minutes, as usual though sod all cups, he knew where they would be, lost in the detritus of her room.

And there they were, half drunk, slowly solidifying and creating new lives on her window sill a row of assorted cups. His eyes scanned the room of scattered scripts, books, clothes, shoes before they fell on, last nights white panties, the ones he was sure she'd worn to bed. His heart began to beat faster, a nervous tightening in his chest, he stepped into her room and picked them up, letting his fingers trace a line over the still perceptibly damp crotch… he held them up to his face and took a deep perfumed breathe, heavy scent of her recently departed cunt, oily heavy vapours invaded his body, mind and triggered a sudden surge in his cock. His tongue edged along the seam of her lips a crusty line of her juices… now leaning heavily against the wall, he undid his pants, letting his heavy cock loll out and into his waiting palm, lost in a ecstasy of smells and taste he began to wank…

'So! This his what you do when I'm out, I can see I'm going to have to be more careful'

His head snapped back, he thrust the knickers behind his back, too late he already knew!

Before he could fathom any excuse she was upon him, tongue thrusting into his mouth hand grasping his cock the tip of moistness now being smeared along his shaft. She turned him toward the bed and pushed him onto it, pulled of her T-shirt, and pulled up her short skirt, she stood over him mounting the bed with feet either side of him, before lowering her crotch down onto his waiting face, revelling in his lapping, darting, probing tongue. He equally lost in her fresh, live pussie smells and textures. She slid back along his body easing aside her panties and sliding onto his waiting cock. Seemingly enthralled in the taste of herself in his mouth. Her hot wet lips swallowed him up and sucked in his entire length, till he felt his balls touching her arse. Now she slid at him bit his lip, now on her knees and in control she focused all their attentions and slowly, methodically and expertly fucking him senseless, when he tried to pull out she pushed back onto him, taking his hot spunk deep into her, before messily cumming once again and boy was she messy with it.

Almost without pausing breathe she stood up a smile wider than a mile on her face, she pulled back on her T-shirt, picked up a script and turned for the door…

"Just imagine how wet these knickers will be by the time I get home' she said and smiled and exited, stage right. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Fetish Too predictable to be true and happy exciting.
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“Well,” I said as I looked at her. Lauren was wearing only a big red shirt, buttoned up. I looked at her legs protruding from underneath the shirt, following them down to her bare feet. “And what have you been up to on your day off?” I asked. Lauren laughed, but didn’t answer. She stepped aside as I walked into the bedroom, slipping my jacket off.

“What a crazy day!” I said as I hung my jacket up in the walk-in robe. When I turned around, Lauren was right behind me, holding her hands behind her back.

“Poor baby,” she said, and leaned in closer, kissing my neck at my open shirt collar. I smiled as I felt her warm lips on my skin and tried to slip my hands around Lauren’s waist, planning to feel for any signs of underwear beneath her shirt, but she pulled away from me with a little wiggle.

Lauren took her hands from behind her back and showed me the leash and collar. “Look what I’ve got,” she said with a hint of a smile.

“Hmmm… I see what you’ve got,” I said, feeling a sudden twinge of excitement as I remembered the last time we had played with the collar. But this was all wrong, wasn’t it? Can a sex toy ask to be used? Or should she wait, docile and pliant, to satisfy my demands? While I was wondering about these things, Lauren reached up and slipped the collar around my neck, fastening the buckle. My eyes widened slightly under my raised eyebrows.

“Ummm…” I started, but Lauren turned, holding the leash, and flicked up the hem of her dress, giving me a glimpse of her bare bottom before the shirt fluttered down again. Yanking on the leash, pulling at the collar around my neck, she laughed and said “Come with me, slave boy” and led me out of the bedroom into the lounge room, across the hallway.

I see. Lauren wanted to play, did she? Well, I could go along with this. I could pretend to be her slave. Then I would turn the tables on her and get my revenge. I was already picturing wrestling her down onto the floor onto her stomach and wrapping my leash around her throat while I took her from behind. Lauren pulled hard on my leash again, snapping me out of my daydreams. I rubbed the back of my neck where the collar had been digging into my skin. Huh… she could play rough if she wanted. I was much bigger than her – I could take whatever she dished out.

I stood in front of Lauren in the lounge room, waiting defiantly to see what she would do to me, as if I was daring her to try to be my mistress. Lauren held the handle in one hand and slid her other fist up the leash, until her hand reached my throat. Pulling downwards on the leash, she said “Down, boy,” and pulled me right down onto my knees. I looked up at Lauren, wanting to run my hands up her thighs as she stood in front of me, but the look on her face made me think better of it. She was still smiling, but there with a serious undertone to her voice now.

“Lie right down, big man,” she said, pushing down on my shoulders. I lay down on my back with Lauren standing next to me. I tried to look up between Lauren’s long shirt tails, eager to see her pussy, my pussy, but she stayed just far away enough to deny me the view. Deliberately, I would say. I smiled to myself again. Boy, was she in for some treatment later.

“How about a pillow?” I asked.

“Hmmm… hard floor, hard man…. No,” replied Lauren. I shrugged my eyebrows.

Lauren knelt at my feet and undid my shoelaces, pulling my shoes off my feet. Then she pulled my black socks off, holding them gingerly between her pinched fingers before tossing them aside. She moved to kneel by my side and said, “Let’s see what we have here,” as she unbuttoned my shirt, from the neck down. She pulled my shirt out of my trousers and spread it open it, revealing my torso. Lauren dragged her fingernails down my chest and over my stomach, muttering “mmmmm”. I lifted my head up off the floor, watching her place her hand over my crotch and giving my firming bundle a squeeze. Sexy woman… She undid my belt and opened the catch at the waist of my trousers and slowly pulled down the zip of my fly. Hooking her hands inside both my trousers and my underpants, she tugged my clothing down over my hips, yanking it down until it was bunched up around my ankles. I lay on the floor in front of Lauren, my shirt spread open, trousers around my feet and with my slowly lengthening cock resting at an angle across my stomach. I suddenly felt very exposed and vulnerable.

Lauren stood beside me, the leash hanging in a loop from her hand down to my collar. Balancing on one leg, she ran the ball of her foot over my stomach and nudged my cock with her big toe. “Mmmmm… big man,” she murmured to herself. Pivoting on one leg, she held her foot over my face and said, “Kiss me.” Keeping my hands at my sides, I held my tongue out and licked the sole of Lauren’s foot as it hovered above my mouth. Oh fuck, I was getting excited now – I could feel my cock twitching across my stomach as it filled and straightened. I tried to lick Lauren’s foot again – hungry to taste any part of her – but she took her foot away from my face, adding to my frustration.

I really needed Lauren. Right now. Anything… I flexed my cock, lifting it up from my stomach, straining… My body pleaded – Lauren…

Lauren stepped across me, dropping the leash beside my face, holding her shirt tucked between her legs with her hands, hiding her pussy from me. I wanted – needed – to see if she was wet and aroused. I wanted her to be aching for me, like I ached for her. But I was denied.

Lauren lowered herself and sat on my chest, hot and heavy on my body, pinning my arms to my sides with her thighs. It felt heavenly to feel her weight bearing down on me – to feel her heat on my skin. The warmth of her body made my heart beat furiously, trapped inside my chest between her legs. Even though Lauren said nothing, it looked like she was laughing at me as she started slowly unbuttoning her red shirt. I watched, mesmerised as her hanging breasts slowly came into view. Oh, female! I flexed my arms against Lauren’s thighs but they were held tight. Lauren’s shirt hung open, allowing my gaze to travel from her breasts, over her soft stomach and down to the little patch of hair. Lauren ran her fingertips lightly across the underside of her breasts.

“God Lauren,” I said. “You’re making me crazy…”

Lauren stared at me. “You keep your filthy tongue still in your mouth, bad boy,” she said, and stretched a length of leash taught between her two fists. She lowered the tight leash to my mouth and forced it between my lips, letting her fists rest on the ground on either side of my face. It dug into the corners of my mouth, hurting a little, but I could take it. I worked my tongue against the underside of the leash, wedged in my mouth like a horse’s bit. Lauren’s hair hung around her face like a cowl as she looked down at me and laughed. “Cat got your tongue, filthy man?”

Lauren lowered her breasts to my face as she sat on me, still holding the leash firmly in place. Slowly and deliberately, she dragged her nipple from left to right across the leather in my mouth and let out a little gasp. My tongue moved in my mouth – I wanted to pull her nipple between my lips, so badly – but all I could manage was an awkward swallow. I grunted against my restraint as Lauren let her swollen nipple glance across my lips. A moan fell from Lauren’s mouth like wax dripping from a burning candle as her nipple dragged across the leather again, slightly damp with my saliva. I rocked my hips up and down on the floor, aching to move inside her, trying to make my cock touch her ass which remained painfully out of reach.

Lauren wriggled forward on my chest, still holding the leash across my mouth, until her pubic mound pressed against my chin. She rocked her hips, gently pulsing her body against my jaw, and removed the leash from my mouth. I gasped and licked my lips, soothing them, just before Lauren lifted her hips and moved a little further forward. I inhaled the scent of female arousal in the brief moment before Lauren lowered her pussy down onto my face; her thighs spread wide apart, covering my mouth with her wet flesh. Lauren cried out and pressed herself down hard on my lips, smearing me with her juices. Oh bliss! At last I could feel her responding to my touch and revel in her wetness! I wrapped my lips around her swollen skin and drove my tongue up into her opening, tasting her tangy flavours and feeling the slipperiness of her insides against my tongue. Lauren roughly pulled a section of the leash under my head, behind my neck, and used it to pull my face up against her grinding pussy. I sucked her sodden lips into my mouth and stroked her with my probing tongue while she bucked her hips hard against my face, soaking my nose and chin. Lauren’s fists strained up at the leash pulling behind my head. A deep growl rose from inside her as she let her orgasm spill over and flow into my mouth, where I accepted her gratefully.

She yanked my head up with every spasm that wracked her body until she was spent. With a fierce look in her eyes, Lauren swivelled her hips and wiped her soaked pussy along the bridge of my nose and over my forehead like some kind of rutting bitch in heat. I was staggered – I had never seen this side of Lauren before, this feral, aggressive streak – and I was awestruck at the intimacy of her revealing this private part of her nature to me. At that moment, with her pussy’s juices all over my face, I felt a surge of love for her welling up inside.

Those feelings were soon replaced by a different sensation. Lauren had squirmed her way back down my body and was rubbing her pussy along the length of my cock as it lay on my stomach. She had a faraway look of pure need on her face. I could feel her wet lips dragging along my shaft and lifted my cock to try to enter her but before I could, Lauren reached down between her legs, raising my cock and lowering herself down onto it. We howled together as the heat of our intimate exchange blazed through our insides. I slid my hands up inside Lauren’s shirt and held her by the waist as she started to rise and fall on me.

Breathless, Lauren said “Don’t touch me, filthy male”, but made no effort to remove my hands. Lauren put the leash in her mouth, biting hard on it and pulling it taut from my collar up between her breasts as her back arched and her head flew back. I squeezed her waist tighter and pulled her down hard onto my cock, her pussy fluttering on me as she came again. With a growl of my own, I finally erupted inside her, filling the tiny cavity around the end of my cock with my creamy sperm. I lifted my hands to Lauren’s breasts, squeezing them both and pushing them upwards on her chest as she shuddered on me, milking me with her contractions.

Once I was empty, Lauren lifted herself from me, my hands slipping from her waist and dropping to my sides, my sticky cock sliding out of her and falling against my skin with a wet plop. She knelt over me on her hands and knees, one hand gently holding the leash close to my collar. “Good boy,” she whispered hoarsely.

I waited for my heart pounding in my chest to slow down before I spoke. “This collar…” I began.

Lauren cocked her head to one side, looking down at me, waiting for me to continue, but I couldn’t find the words.

“I’m hungry,” I said after a pause. “What’s for dinner?” I asked, taking my own life into my hands.

Lauren dropped her mouth to mine and kissed me lightly. Then she pulled up on the leash once more and said “You are.”

“Yes, Miss,” I groaned and closed my eyes. Hope you enjoyed this Free Sex Stories Article. Happy reading Free sex stories Fetish The Collar Reprised and happy exciting.
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